Jazz Vision Trio Dave Liebman, Jean-Marie Machado & Barbara Januszkiewicz Eric watson
Dave Liebman, Jean-Marie Machado & Barbara Januszkiewicz
Imagine the color of sound.   Picture spontaneous improvisations, solo interpretations, and fabulous interplays between legendary jazz masters Dave Liebman  and Jean-Marie Machado, unexpectedly joined by celebrated visual artist Barbara Januszkiewicz on the same stage. Experience the live fusion of music and art as these visionary musicians create sublime instrumental interpretations captured moment by moment by the artist improvising with her instrument, the paintbrush. The music takes on a visual rhythm and colorful beat infused with light, shape, texture, and hue.
This innovative new group, the Jazz Vision Trio, has invented a unique visual jazz experience, transforming the way audiences look at a painting or hear music. In the true sense of inspired improvisation, this new artistic collaboration sets the stage for an ever-changing musical palette by playing off each other's voice or visual expression, resulting in a new set of opportunities for jazz and other creative art forms.

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Jazz Vision Trio

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